Labor Arbitrator

Arbitrator Juan Carlos Gonzalez Esq. has been in private practice conducting Labor Arbitrations since May 2012.

30 Day Decisions: Given the destructive nature of unresolved workplace conflict and back pay issues, Arbitrator Gonzalez makes it a priority to schedule termination hearings at the earliest opportunity possible for the parties as well as deliver decisions no more than 30 days after receiving transcripts of a hearing.  

Permanent Panels:        UNITE HERE Local 11 & Hotels/Casinos, US Postal Service &
                                      APWU, Boeing & EAST Local 1553, UPS & Teamsters Local 396
Arbitrator Rosters:       American Arbitration Association (AAA), Federal Mediation &
                                     Conciliation Service (FMCS), California State Mediation &
                                     Conciliation Service (CSMCS)

Published:                    Stott, Jim; Gonzalez, J.C., Construction Partnering: Can These
                                     Protocols Build a Stronger Labor-Management Community?
Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal, 2:3 445-463 (2002)

Published Decisions:   None

Juan Carlos is a licensed California attorney since 2000 and worked 12 years as a Commissioner with the Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service. As a Labor Arbitrator, therefore, he is able to combine his legal analysis skills and training with his extensive experience in the trenches of workplace disputes to provide insightful and timely decisions. Having mediated hundreds of disputes over contract interpretation issues, disciplines, terminations, strikes and lockouts, Juan Carlos brings an enormous depth of Labor Relations to every arbitration. As a result, it is his goal to not only bring focused determinations only on issues requested by the parties but to also do so in a timely fashion. It is the goal of Juan Carlos to submit decisions no later than 30 days after the arbitration hearing or 30 days after receiving the hearing transcripts, whichever is later.    

Career Industry Experience:
Advertising, aerospace, agriculture, aluminum, bakery, beverage, building products, chemicals, clothing, communications, construction, education, electrical equipment, electronics, entertainment, feed, food (manufacturing, processing, service), foundry, furniture, glass/pottery, healthcare, hotels/stadiums, hospitals/nursing homes, lumber, machinery, maritime, meat packing, office workers/clerical, packaging, paint, petroleum/petrochemicals, plastics, police and fire, printing and publishing, pulp and paper, restaurants, retail stores, ship building/dry dock, stone/quarry, textile, transportation, trucking and storage, utilities and warehousing/distribution centers.
Issues include but not limited to:
Absenteeism; arbitrability; bargaining unit work; on duty and off duty conduct; demotions; discipline (non-discharge); discipline (discharge); discrimination based on age, disability, race, sex, religion, national origin; drug/alcohol violations; Fringe Benefits regarding bonuses, holidays, insurance, leave, vacation; grievance mediations; health/hospitalization; hiring practices, job performance, job posting/bidding, jurisdictional disputes; layoffs/bumping/recall; management rights; official time; past practice; pension and welfare plans; promotions; retirement; safety/health conditions; seniority; sexual harassment; strikes, lockouts, work stoppages, slowdowns; subcontracting/contracting out; tenure/reappointment; union security; Wages regarding cost of living pay, holiday pay, incentive pay, job classifications and rates, merit pay, overtime pay, severance pay, vacation pay; work hours/schedules/assignments; working conditions/work orders; and violence or threats. 

Decisions Delivered by: No later than 30 days after arbitration hearing or receipt of hearing transcripts, whichever is later.

Per Diem Fee: Please email or call                                                               Cancellation Fee: Waived if 30 day notice
Per Diem Fee: Grievance Arbitration, Grievance Mediation, and Disciplinary Appeals: per diem  for each day of hearing, study, award preparation, and travel. A full per diem fee is charged for each hearing day; fee prorated for partial days of study and travel as per below.  
Cancellation: a full per diem fee will be charged for each day reserved for hearing, if the hearing is canceled or postponed by any party for any reason less than 30 calendar days prior to each such date.
Interest mediation, fact finding, interest arbitration, facilitation of negotiations, boards of inquiry, and agency fee arbitration: per diem for each day of hearing, study, award preparation and travel.
Travel Time: Only necessary travel on days other than hearing dates (e.g. due to location or starting time) will be billed on a prorated per diem basis.
Expenses: Mileage will not be charged in the Los Angeles or Ventura County areas. Meals will not be charged. 
All other actual expenses will be charged to parties, including mileage at the Federal Government rate, coach class air fare; car rental; cab fare; tolls; parking; lodging; and any cancellation fees or change fees charged by any of the above.