Employment Mediator

Juan Carlos Gonzalez has extensive experience mediating Employment Issues including but not limited to EEOC and Wage & Hour issues.

As a Commissioner for FMCS, Juan Carlos  mediated over 40 Equal Employment Opportunity Section 7 Cases for various federal agencies such as Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), US Postal Service (USPS), US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS), and the Veterans Administration (VA). He also conducted a special program for the Federal Executive Board for Federal employees needing a primer on the interactivity of the EEO process with such entities as Management Rights, Union Rights, statutory requirements and the collective bargaining agreement. 

In private practice Arbitrator Gonzalez has mediated a Wage & Hour Class Action case as well as participated in The Employment Rights Clinic at Loyola Law School. The Employment Rights Clinic is a partnership between Loyola Law School and the California Labor Commission. Employees that feel they have discriminated against file complaints with the California Labor Commission. Certain complaints received by the Commission are distributed to the Clinic for investigation. Investigations are conducted through fact finding and interviews of the complainant and the employer. Next, discussions begin on seeking resolution. Attempts are made through facilitation and mediation in order to resolve these cases. If no resolution is reached then a recommended opinion is submitted to the Labor Commissioner. Juan Carlos was specifically assigned to investigate and write a recommendation for the Labor Commission on a discrimination complaint in the retail industry. After extensive interviews and examination of documentation, the parties reached resolution.