Hearing Officer

In 2014 Juan Carlos Gonzalez was admitted to the Hearing Officer Panel for the Personnel Commission of the Los Angeles Unified School District. This Hearing Officer Panel reviews disciplines, demotions and terminations for Classified Employees. ‘Classified Employees’ refers to employees of the LAUSD that are covered by a collective bargaining agreement and work in such areas as Information Technology, Clerical, Facilities and Transportation.   

When a permanent Classified Employee is disciplined, demoted or dismissed from service, they have the option to file an appeal with the Personnel Commission. The Personnel Commission reviews the appeal for validity and timeliness. If the appeal is determined to be proper, then the Personnel Commission investigates and either grants or denies the appeal based upon their investigation. The Personnel Commission provides a list of Hearing Officers to the advocates of the Appelant and the District. The parties mutually choose the Hearing Officer. Once selected, the Hearing Officer conducts hearings, evaluates evidence and testimony and makes a recommendation on the appeal to the Personnel Commission. The Personnel Commission makes the final determination on the appeal. (From the Personnel Commission’s website under Frequently Asked Questions).

The Personnel Commission was established in 1936 to be “an impartial body to adjudicate employee appeals of discipline, medical disqualification and examinations.” It operates “in coordination with but not under the jurisdiction of the Board of Education.”  The Commission is made up of three board members whose terms of office are three years. Currently the three Board Members are Joseph L. Paller Jr., Bob Manley and Mark Vargas. (From the Personnel Commission’s wesite under About Us).